Get Yourself A Mortgage, Even With Bad Credit

Bad credit mortgages can be a godsend to people who are having problems getting a loan or a mortgage for buying a house. If your credit is not good, if you have had problems, because you made late payments. Or maybe you went bankrupt or because of money problems, you ended up with CCJ's. Bad credit mortgages are sometimes called adverse credit mortgages or non-status mortgages. This kind of mortgage is used help people who can't get a regular mortgage, the normal way.

Because of all the problems that people are having these days, getting credit and mortgages a lot of mortgage companies are now ready to help people who have had a few problems with money in the past. These bad credit mortgages, don't always have over the top monthly payments, things have changed. And these days you can often get a bad credit mortgage that doesn't have a crazy interest rate.

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Years ago, it was impossible to get a mortgage, if you add a few payment problems in the past. Nowadays, a decent online mortgage broker can be very helpful in finding the mortgage you deserve to buy your new house. You have to remember that you are not alone; one out of every four people in Britain now has the kind of bad credit problem. If mortgage companies stopped giving money to people with bad credit, they would have a lot less customers. Bad credit mortgages can be used to buy a house or, if you already own your own home. They can also be used for a remortgage to free up some of the cash tied up in your house.

The amount of money the mortgage company will be prepared to give you depends; on a few things such as how much, your wages are per month. As well as how much they think your house is worth, and how much you still owe, if you want a remortgage. Quite a lot at the time companies that hand out bad debt mortgages will only give you about 75% of what the house is worth.

Mortgage companies, who specialise in this kind of bad debt loan, will usually give you a much better deal, than a regular bank. The reason for this is that they are used to dealing with people who have had a few credit problems. Your regular bank is probably not interested in people who have had that kind of difficulty.

Usually, the interest rate is a little higher than normal. But at least these companies will be prepared to talk to you, and work out a deal that you can live with. And will let you buy your dream home or get at the money that you have built up in your existing house.

These kinds of mortgages are not only the people with a few credit problems. They are also very handy for people who are self-employed and have difficulty proving how much they earn. Bad credit mortgage companies have a very few simple rules. You must be a resident of Britain, and over 21. You also need to be employed or self-employed.

There is no set interest rate for bad credit loans. You will need to make an application to find out what the rate may be, and how much your monthly payments will be. The reason for this is they need to figure out just how bad they think your credit is. Also, how long ago you had your problems, and other things such as how much you earn per month.

The best people to ask about this kind of loan are online mortgage brokers. The reason for this is that they don't have fancy offices that have to be paid for. And so it doesn't cost them as much to run their business, and the money they save can be passed on to their customers. If you've got a few CCJ's or you work for yourself, it is possible to get a good mortgage, with monthly payments that will not be too much for you. But you need to use services of a good broker, who knows what he is doing, and knows the companies that can help you.

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